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Apr 2015 Dansen, alstublieft. Of elektriciteit valt uit
Apr 2015 Dansers zorgen zelf voor stroom
Mar 2015 Everyone can be a powerhouse just dance
Mar 2015 Energy Floors lightens up the Eiffel Tower with positive energy during Earth Hour 2015
Mar 2015 Eiffeltoren beetje Rotterdams
Mar 2015 Creativity Online: WWF to Light Up Eiffel Tower for Earth Hour With Energetic Dance Party
Mar 2015 Rotterdams bedrijf verlicht Eiffeltoren tijdens Earth Hour
Mar 2015 Mazda 'The Power of Dance'
Feb 2015 Power of dance
Feb 2015 Dance to make things better
Jan 2015 La Libre: Danser pour (et sur) la planète en recyclant son énergie

Dec 2014 Rhine Capital Investment insights: Energy Floors - Human powered floor tiles
Dec 2014 Open Rotterdam: Supporters springen in De Kuip voor stroom
Dec 2014 Energie-opwekkende vloer voor De Kuip
Dec 2014 Energy Floors installeert energie opwekkende vloer in De Kuip
Nov 2014 Terra: Passos geram iluminação do Cristo Redentor no Rio de Janeiro
Nov 2014 EBC: Movimento dos visitantes gera iluminação do Cristo Redentor
Nov 2014 R7 Notícias: Visitantes passam por piso especial e geram energia para deixar Redentor verde
Nov 2014 Creativity Online: Why Did Rio's Iconic Christ the Redeemer Statue Turn Green?
Nov 2014 Open Rotterdam: Energy Floors kleurt Christusbeeld in Rio de Janeiro groen
Nov 2014 G1 Globo: Turistas ajudam a gerar energia para iluminar o Cristo Redentor
Nov 2014 FD Energie Pro: Massaal in beweging voor energie opwekking
Oct 2014 PULS im TV: Grün(d)lich Feiern
Oct 2014 Het Groene Oosten: Sustainable Dance Floor
Oct 2014 RTL Nieuws: Swingend een wereldrecord verbreken
Oct 2014 Hart van Nederland: Duurzame recordpoging in Hardenberg
Oct 2014 De Stentor: Energiek dansend naar een wereldrecord
Oct 2014 RTV Oost: Hardenberg danst wereldrecord bij elkaar met energie-opwekkende dansvloer
Oct 2014 RTL Nieuws: Dansend de wereld redden met wereldrecordpoging
Oct 2014 Solare: Floors powered by solar and kinetic energy
Sep 2014 CleanTechnica: Energy Floors Partners With OTEM2000 To Create Kinetic + Solar Energy Floors
Sep 2014 Hybride energievloer wekt energie op uit zon en beweging 
Sep 2014 Solar Magazine: Energy Floors gaat zonne-energievloer ontwikkelen
Aug 2014 DAMNmagazine: The Sustainable Dance Floor, the world's first energy generating dance floor
Aug 2014 Energy Floors laat Feyenoord-fans springen
Aug 2014 Cobouw: Feyenoord supporters wekken hun eigen stroom op
Aug 2014 RTV Rijnmond: Feyenoordlegioen zet de Kuip onder stroom 
June 2014 Arup: The Future of Rail 2050
May 2014 Wired: The Connective 2.0. The Dance, Dance Energy Revolution
April 2014 BNR Nieuwsradio Interview with Michel Smit on "Zakedoen Met"  28:25min
April 2014 The Guardian: Modularity gone wild: making everyday products sustainable
Mar 2014 Home Design Idea: Clean Tech: Energy-Generating Floors
Mar 2014 KarlsBeratung: Dance For Your Party Lights

Nov 2013 The Moscow Times: Energy Floors move from Nightclub to the Ticket office
Oct 2013 Prima für´s Klima: Grüne Veranstaltungen
Sep 2013 newsmoves: Innovative Dutch Company Offers Floors that Harness the Energy
Sep 2013 Future Rail Mag: Passenger Power
Aug 2013 lifepr: Zumba Fitness spendet mehr als 100.000 Mahlzeiten 
Jul 2013 Railway Technology: Russian Railways harness passenger power
Jun 2013 Sustainable Dance Floor - Shell lässt die Kunden tanzen
Jun 2013 Power Walking with Energy Floors
Jun 2013 Railway Technology: Energy Floors and VNIIZHT partner to apply SEF in railways
Jun 2013 efergy: Movers and Shakers? No Energy Makers!
Jun 2013 BizBash: See a Human powered dance floor
Jun 2013 TED Blog: Energy from your feet! When dance floors become energy sources.
Jun 2013 Société Perrier: Let Your Moves Light Up the Dance Floor
May 2013 Second Sight: Generating Electricity on the Dance Floor
May 2013: Übergizmo: This Dance Floor can generate electricity from your cool moves
May 2013 TakePart: Clean Energy Products that are powered by you
May 2013 Curve The industrial Design Magazine: Sustainable Energy Floor
May 2013 emol: Compañía crea una pista de baile que genera energía con el movimiento
May 2013 HotCow: Dance moves put to good use with energy generating dance floors
May 2013 HLNtv: Power from the people. Dancing as energy source.
May 2013 GOOD is: Kinetic floor generates energy from dancing people
May 2013 mobility: Kinetic floor generates energy from dancing people
May 2013 one small seed: Kinetic Floor produces energy from dancers.
May 2013 flowtechfoundation: Kinetic Floor generates energy from dancing people
May 2013 mashable: Kinetic Floor generates energy from dancing people
May 2013 inhabitat: Kinetic Energy Floors convert sweet dance moves into electricity
May 2013 Discovery Channel Canada 'Daily Planet' features Energy Floors
May 2013 Drink tea be social: A new step towards sustainable energy
May 2013 Trend Hunter: The sustainable dance floor feeds off of kinetic energy to glow
April 2013: Green is Universal Blog: Watch how we powered the Earth Week Party
April 2013 NBC Universal continues commitement to environm.
April 2013 Zumba launches drive to turn calories into hunger-fighting
April 2013 psfk: Kinetic floor generates energy from people dancing
April 2013 Buzz60: Video: Tiles turn dance moves into electricity
April 2013 Progettare: Tu generi la tua energia
Jan 2013 Interieurs: Energy Floors ou le dance floor durable
Jan 2013 Reuters magazine: Search Party
Jan 2013 Sustain Everyday: Dance, Dance, Green Revolution


Nov 2012 Kennisalliantie: Dansers wekken eigen energie op
Nov 2012 Grid Magazine: Materials: Nachhaltigkeit: Werkstoffe unter Strom
Nov 20th 2012 Firstpost: Renault sees global market growth, pursues India plans
Nov 8th 2012 Bangstyle: SDC converts dancing into electricity
Oct 29th 2012 Designtaxi: Dance Club turns dance movements into usable power
Oct 26th 2012 psfk: Club's smart floor generate energy when people dance on it
Oct 26th 2012 thecreatorsproject: Turn your super fresh dance moves into energy
Oct 24th 2012 Techglimpse: A new concept generates electricity while you dance. 
Oct 23th 2012 Mashable: Build electricity while you dance
Oct 14th 2012 Molson Red Leaf Project, Sustainable Dance Floor by Mouse Marketing 
Sep 4tth 2012 The Nest Way: Sustainable Dance Club
Sep 1st 2012 Öko-Test MUM: Der Mensch als Kraftwerk
July 19th 2012 E-on Hungaria: Dance-generated energy 
July 13th 2012 cleantechnica: Cut a Rug on this dance floor for sustainable energy
July 13th 2012 Inside the games: EDF Pavillion London 2012
July 9th 2012 London is cool: Renault Twizy Covent Garden launch event
July 5th 2012 The Green Car Website: Renault embarks on Z.E.test drive tour
July 5th 2012 douglas stafford: Power to the People
July 5th 2012 Groen7: Renault laadt de Twizy dansend op
July 5th 2012 hybridcars: Twizy to be charged to the tunes of DJ's
July 5th 2012 Perrys: Renault using Dance-Power to charge Twizy
July 5th 2012 autorevolution: Dancefloor footstepts to power new Renault Twizy
July 4th 2012 3D Car Shows: Power to the People
May 17th 2012 Astounde: Dance away your energy bill.
May 30th 2012 Ecogaia: Discotecas ecológicas, sonorizadas e iluminadas a ritmo
January 6th 2012 LiveGreen Blog: Sustainable leisure
November 2nd 2012 Ernst & Young: Duurzaam dansen vervoert de wereld
September 9th 2012 reverb magazine: Nachhaltiges Vergnügen

Sept 24th 2011 Focus Online: Energie-Ernte im Club
July 28th 2011 Eco Innovation Action Plan: Nachhaltige Tanzfläche
July 5th 2011 IEE industry applications magazine: Power from the people
April 26th 2011Temple TV 
April 19th 2011 Just Dance. An expose on club Watt's dance floor
April 17th 2011 robaid: Walk over SDC floor tiles to generate power
March 27th 2011 Treehugger: San Francisco Nightclub's Sustainable Dance Floor
March 17th 2011San Francisco Business Times
January 14th 2011 Hamburg Green Capital of Europe 2011 opening

October 30st 2010 Sustainability is sexy
March 3th 2010 Organic Disco: Der Sustainable Dance Floor: zum ersten Mal in einem
February 17th 2010 The Huffigton Post: Sustainable Dance Floor at the Olympics
February 17th 2010 Greendiary: Olympics Attraction: Sustainable Dance Floor at Club
Januar 11th 2010 Miami Science Museum
Jan 2010 Screenshot Your Turn 4 Workbook p 27
April 8th 2009 The Sustainable Dance Floor
October 26th 2009 IET Faraday: The Story: Dance Power
September 8th 2008 Spiegel: Erste Öko-Disco der Welt: Schwoofen für den Strom
October 21th 2012 RTL XL: RTL Transportwereld - veel alternatieven op Ecomobiel
October 10th 2008 Swiss Television: Öko-Disco in Rotterdam
September 1st 2008 NOS 3: Journaal op drie 
August 27th 2008 MTV: Emergency earth; planet meltdown

August 7th 2014 RTV Rijnmond Feyenoordlegioen zet de kuip oder stroom 
February 4th 2010 RTV Rijnmond Rotterdamse energieopwekkende dansvloer
September 5th 2008 WDR3, Öko-Disco
Newspapers national
September 4th 2010 AD delftse editie: Voetganger wekt stroom op
September 4th 2009 De Telegraaf People: planet & party - duurzaam dansen is hot
September 2nd 2008 De Volkskrant: Podium voor talent uit underground
September 1st 2008 Duurzaam WATT op tournee
March 21st 2008 NRC Next: Nighttown herrijst als dansclub 'Watt'
Newspapers international 
February 18th 2009 Nikkei Audience votes article on Sustainable Dance Floor
October 23th 2008 New York Times: Partying Helps Power a Dutch Nightclub
October 6th 2008 Irish Times: Throwing sustainable change
September 6th 2008 Sächsische Zeitung: Tanzen damit die Birnen glühen
February 17th 2007 The Guardian: Reclaim the beats
Magazines national and international

April 2014 material:book 01 by OFROOM Innovations Agentur, p. 48
April 2014 for infinity magazine, University Groningen, p. 18
May 1st 2012 magazine Next p.14
September 20th 2010 HELLO! Charles and Camilla throw a garden party
February 2010 Locali Top
April 13th 2010 Guardian: Pavement power lights up Toulouse
March 1st 2012 Pequenas Empresas grandes & Grandes Negócios: Consultoria
December 11th 2008 Japanese Design Net Holland Design
September 2008 P + Rotterdamse Club WATT maakt dansen duurzaam
March 5th 2008 Nieuwe Revu Rotterdammers dansen straks stroom uit de vloer